Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly. Please contact our Sales Team for a discount.

We have excellent refund policy!

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you want to cancel your account and get back the money paid for our services, please contact our Customer Support. Our money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind that our services will meet your expectations. You can request a refund at any time, but only before we send your documents to the first bank.

We are a member of one of the largest affiliate networks - affi1iate.com

Please join affi1iate.com to participate in our Affiliate Program.

We don't offer a trial because opening a bank account is not something you can try, but we do have a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you can use our services risk-free.

We will be happy to answer all your questions. Please contact our Sales Team.

Yes, you pay us only once the fee of the package you have chosen.

Of course, you will be emailed an invoice as soon as the payment transaction is complete.

Our prices are listed in Euro.

Тhe Multiple Bank Application option allows you to apply at the same time to several banks, which significantly increases the chances of quickly opening an account in the banks of your choice, while the Guaranteed Bank Account option guarantees you opening a bank account, but the bank in which the account will be opened is chosen by us.

Our English-speaking customer service Support Team is available to offer assistance and guidance through our Live Chat and WhatsApp.

We also offer support in Dutch, French, German and Russian during office hours.