The Most Impressive Banker in the World

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The Most Impressive Banker of All Times

The Most Impressive Banker in the World

As the world advances, the role of the most impressive banker keeps shifting from one person to the other. But to get a title for the most impressive banker is one outstanding event that creates history till time indefinite. This article will focus more on the qualities that an impressive banker should possess. Also, the needed skills to put him in that position, and the kinds of awards they could win. After considering these factors, you will be better positioned to concur with the judges as they analytically identify a suitable candidate for this incredible title. 

What and Who is the Most Impressive Banker?

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘impressive banker’? Probably it could be a banker who has broken the record in the finance industry. While this guess could be right, many qualities and skills are involved in getting that title, some of which are common to all bankers. But to hit history by making the headlines for the most impressive banker should be thoroughly examined. 

Several individuals have received this title, some of whom have had prestigious lives and higher positions at the bank. However, the one who presently owns the title ‘most impressive banker on the planet is Aditya Puri, an Asian citizen. He retired as the chief executive officer of India’s HDFC Bank on October 26th, 2020. Because of Puri’s popularity and creating such huge history, HDFC bank has been ranked as the world’s tenth-most-valuable bank. Its net worth of about $90bn, a figure worth more than Citibank or even HSBC.

The Most Impressive Banker of All Times
The Most Impressive Banker of All Times

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Launched in 1994, it is incredibly miraculous that the HDFC bank could outsmart all other banks. In a few years it emerged at the top, and, more so, obtained the world’s most impressive banker. It is, therefore, no doubt that this fame has brought attention from Wall Street’s big firms who seek to invest with HDFC and have since become HDFC’s contenders. 

The former HDFC chief executive officer, Aditya Puri, has provided an avenue for partnerships with the world’s best business investors, bringing the bank its ultimate fame. However, to get to that position, there are some qualities that the judges must’ve considered.

What are the Qualities of an Impressive Banker?

For an impressive banker to win that title and get an award, they must display some qualities that the judges find fit for the award. Below are some of the features that uniquely identify these individuals:

Must Be Friendly and Possess Good Interactive Skills

Even though the impressive banker won’t associate directly with their respective subjects (in this case, customers who visit the bank for several inquiries), he must be kind enough to take some time off the desk and investigate how the tellers are handling clients, and give commendation where necessary, as positive reinforcement. As far as you are concerned, interact with them.

Possess a Passion for Numbers

You must possess a great passion for numbers and calculations since the world of finance revolves around numbers. When it comes to calculating interest rates, assessing investment values, and preparing new loans for firms or organizations, you need to understand the concepts so that, after the calculations are presented at your table, you’d lower your seat down enough to go through the calculations to ensure that there are no miscalculations or some form of theft from other superior bank officials. 

The Most Impressive Banker of All Times
The Most Impressive Banker of All Times

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Attention to Detail

It’s common for mistakes to happen in every organization, and as mentioned above, miscalculations could occur in a bank facility that could render it bankrupt. This could be the most unexpected tragedy for the company, resulting in pointed fingers, especially at the seniors. Check whether such details involve a small or large money transfer. 

Skills Needed By an Impressive Banker

Managing a financial institution requires skills, too, given that an individual’s country’s budget depends entirely on the banks. This makes it clear that the chief executive officers of respective banks play a special role in ensuring that the bank’s activities run smoothly and that they could be susceptible to such awards as impressive bankers. To make it possible, skills are needed; they include:

Excellent Financial Balancing Skills

Since this mostly involves the country’s financial well-being, the one chosen as an impressive banker must be outstanding in balancing shareholder returns and their respective financial strategies. For instance, Mr. Aditya Puri was focused more on creating something from nothing and also delivering long-term shareholder returns. At the same time, he was supporting the economy. Additionally, one publisher noted that he delivered cumulative returns exceeding 16,000 percent over the quarter century since HDFC gained fame. 

Customer Management Skills at All Levels

Create a formula for serving customers and ensuring it’s unique and doesn’t stir up contentions or competition between workmates for who is greater than the other. Aditya Puri made this very easy by winning a spectacular performance at serving customers and firms by getting acquainted with investment banking and foreign adventures. This has caught the economist’s attention (a publishing website that has written a story about Aditya). 

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An All-Round Performance

Clearly, Aditya had this skill and used it well for his and the bank’s benefit. When comparing the performance of other world’s top best banks’ CEOs like China Merchants Bank, DBS, JPMorgan Chase, PNC, Bank Central Asia, and HDFC, Aditya stands out as unique for his HDFC bank, with a total of 16,187 returns percent. This leaves an extremely wide range between the next contestants, with 345 and 265 percent, respectively. 

The Bottom Line

Having undergone a rigorous selection process by respective judges, who most likely have shares in different banks, settling on a specific banker to outsmart other bankers as the most impressive in the world might be the hardest decision to make. However, it is not an impossible task or decision to make, given that some qualities are mostly considered than others. With all these factors considered, it’s no doubt that Aditya Puri is the best candidate selected as the most impressive banker of all time and is currently holding that position. A lot has been mentioned regarding his retirement at HDFC in this article. 

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