The World’s Best Banks 2022

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The World’s Best Banks 2022

Selecting a bank is a significant choice. We divided our top banks into two categories—brick and mortar then online—to make it easier for you to choose the one that works best for you.

With several branches and ATM locations, a strong brick-and-mortar bank should make it simple to obtain money. Additionally, you should pick a physical bank that offers a variety of alternatives to avoid monthly costs.

In comparison to traditional banks, online banks typically provide greater interest rates. Strong online banks should offer high APYs and have little, if any, costs.

What are the World’s Best Brick and Motor Banks

TD Bank

TD Bank has Over 1,300 branch locations and 1,900 ATMs spread throughout 16 states. It stands out because several branch offices are open on weekends, which is ideal if you have trouble getting to the bank during regular business hours. In the 2021 US National Banking Satisfaction Study, conducted by JD Power, TD Bank was placed third.

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Although TD Bank’s ATM fees may not be more expensive than those of other banks, reading the tiny print before opening a checking account may influence your decision. However, just keep in mind that the TD Bank Beyond Checking Account is the only TD Bank checking account that doesn’t charge you for using non-TD Bank ATMs. Although you must have a balance of $2,500 for TD Bank to refund you for out-of-network ATM operators’ costs.

The World’s Best Banks 2022
The World’s Best Banks 2022


  • Without a down payment
  • 2 refunds for overdraft fees each year
  • If you have a Beyond Checking Account, all monthly fees for other TD Bank accounts are waived.
  • Expired ATM fees are not charged
  • When you have a balance of at least $2,500, the provider will reimburse you for out-of-network ATM costs.


  • $25 a month for service
  • Overdraft cost of $35

Regions Bank

The bank is a holding corporation with its headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama’s Regions Center. The bank offers trust, brokerage, mortgages, and retail and business banking services. In 16 states in the Southern and Midwestern United States, Regions Bank, its banking affiliate, runs 1,952 automated teller machines and 1,454 locations. 

It certainly stands out since Regions provides a variety of savings accounts. you can definitely find one that meets your needs. this makes. Furthermore, a distinctive savings option from a physical bank is the Regions LifeGreen® Savings Account. It provides an annual cash bonus and has no monthly costs. However, Regions will charge you if you use an out-of-network ATM or overdraw your account. On certain accounts, you can likewise be required to pay a monthly service charge.


  • No recurring monthly costs
  • A one percent yearly incentive for saving might be yours.
  • Opened at a branch, $5 minimum deposit


  • Online accounts require a $50 minimum deposit.
  • Low APY

US Bank

The fifth-largest bank in America, U.S. Bank, was established in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1863, although it currently has its headquarters in Minnesota. It features 4,700 ATMs countrywide and 2,900 physical locations across 25 states. U.S. Bank takes great pleasure in its dedication to supporting local communities and CSR.

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US Bank is a good option if you want to open a CD with a national bank. The bank offers more CD options than the majority of large banks, including Step Up CDs with rate increases every seven months and Trade Up CDs with rate increases if US Bank rates rise once during the term. Even though they could be qualified, US Bank has a few more restrictions than many national banks that compete with them.


  • Several types of CDs
  • Numerous options for financial goods and savings accounts


  • Uncompetitive interest rates
  • Required minimum balance to avoid monthly costs

Best Banks Online

Axos Bank

Axos lacks physical branches because it is an online-only bank. Over 91,000 ATMs are available to you without charge. Although Axos doesn’t have a dedicated ATM network, you may probably use one for free nearby. In the event that there are no free ATMs nearby, Axos additionally provides hefty out-of-network ATM cost refunds.

Axos provides five distinct services

  • Checking balances
  • All focused on certain requirements
  • Important Verification (get paid two days early)
  • Checking for Reward (earn a high APY)
  • Checking With CashBack (earn up to 1 percent cash back on purchases)
  • Golden Checking (55+)
  • First reviewing (ages 13-17)

Both checking and savings accounts come with a debit card, and you may create a savings account with an attractive rate as well. Monthly maintenance costs are not imposed by Axos. To start a high-yield savings account, you’ll need at least $250. A down payment is not necessary for all of the items on our list. Axos Bank Rewards Checking account holders must fulfill a number of conditions in order to get the full 1.25 percent APY. However, there are certain requirements that you should meet.

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  • Full-Service Banking: Axos Bank offers checking, savings, and money market accounts in addition to CDs, loans, and investment choices. It is a full-service online bank.
  • Due to the lack of a private ATM network, Axos customers hold Rewards, Cashback. Also, essential checking accounts are eligible for unlimited domestic ATM charge refunds. Up to $8 in monthly fee reimbursement is given to golden checking accounts.
  • Less Monthly Fees: Axos savings and checking accounts have no monthly fees. The only checking accounts without overdraft penalties for insufficient money are Essential, Rewards, First, and Golden.


  • No physical locations: Axos Bank only has an online presence. Customers get reimbursed for ATM fees, however, Axos is not the best option if you need immediate assistance from a bank teller.
  • Average CD Rates: At best, the CD rates offered by Axos Bank are average. For durations under 36 months, its rates are somewhat higher than the national average, but for terms above 36 months, they are lower. Axos CD rates are significantly lower than those offered by other internet banks.
  • Lower Savings Rates: Although Axos Bank’s high-yield savings account rate is higher than the national average, it is still much lower than what other online banks provide.
The World’s Best Banks 2022
The World’s Best Banks 2022

Ally Bank

Leading the way in internet banking is Ally Bank. One of the best options on the market is Ally, which offers a variety of bank accounts as well as competitive interest rates. It offers a wide range of services, including vehicle loans, house loans, and investment possibilities, in addition to personal banking solutions.


  • Deposit accounts have no monthly fees.
  • Rates on savings and CD accounts are very high.
  • No balance is necessary.
  • large ATM network without fees


  • There are no actual places
  • No deposits in cash
  • Rates on money market accounts are low.

Which One is the Best Bank for You?

Your priorities will determine this. A brick-and-mortar bank is what you need if you value in-person banking. For someone who frequently needs to deposit cash, physical banks are preferable. With an online bank, you can typically deposit checks using your phone, but you cannot deposit cash.

However, online banks are usually preferable for their minimal costs and high APYs. Online banks may afford to charge less and pay more since they don’t have to cover the costs of maintaining physical branch locations. Your priorities will determine this. A brick-and-mortar bank is what you need if you value in-person banking. For someone who frequently needs to deposit cash, physical banks are preferable. With an online bank, you can typically deposit checks using your phone, but you cannot deposit cash.

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