What is a Proof of Address and Where Can You Get One?

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What is a Proof of Address and Where Can You Get One

What is a Proof of Address and Where Can You Get One?

You may need to open a bank account at some point. It could be for your business, or your personal needs and activities. The good thing about this process is that it is not complex. Nonetheless, it can be very fast depending on how ready you are with the required documents. After all, there are times when your name and passport aren’t just enough. One of the important documents you should bring with you when opening a bank account is proof of address. What exactly is it and where can you get it? Please keep reading to get the answers to these and much more.

What is a Proof of Address?

Just as the name suggests, a proof of address (POA) is a valid document that acts as a confirmation of your residential place. Therefore, it serves as a verification of where you live. So, with this document, you have the evidence that you are telling the truth about where you live or your home address.

Banks and other organizations consider this an important document. Why is it important? You wonder. It acts as a security measure as they can confirm you are truthful regarding your name and home address. Nonetheless, proof of address enhances communication with the bank such that they know where to find you and the address to direct your posts. Notably, banks have certain criteria for accepting your proof of address. Such include;

  • It must contain your name as per the national identification
  • It must have the address of your current place of residence
  • It should be properly dated.
  • The authority or the body sending the document must be recognizable. Its logo, name, and any other relevant information should be present.

So, what are some of the documents that fit as POA?

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Types of Proof of Address

Interestingly, you may already have some type of proof of address at home or in your mailbox. These include;

  • Utility Bill; Includes water and electricity bills.
  • Phone/Internet Bill
  • Insurance Policy/Bill e.g., for your medical cover, car, or home.
  • Tax Bill
  • Other official documents e.g., from your employer or school. They must be confirming your address.

Remember, different banks and organizations have different types of POAs they accept.

What is a Proof of Address and Where Can You Get One
What is a Proof of Address and Where Can You Get One

The others they can accept include;

  • A mortgage contracts
  • Credit card statements
  • A paycheck
  • A bank statements
  • A letter from a public authority

On the other hand, the bank or organization may not accept the following as POA;

  • Your proof of ID
  • An old POA
  • Documents proving you live at a different address
  • Photocopies of the documents

Therefore, we recommend you carry originals and first confirm with the bank or organization in advance.

Who Needs Proof of Address?

Various banks and organizations will require proof of who you are and where you live before you open an account with them. As a business or individual, you will need to carry a proof of address when going to the following places;

  • Banks
  • Fintech companies
  • Card companies
  • Trade registries

So, if you plan on having an account with any of the above institutions but you do not have a POA, where can you get one?

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Where to Get Proof of Address

As earlier mentioned, you may already have a POA at home. However, what if you have recently moved or plan on moving and would like to get proof of address, what do you do? If you want this document, localoffice24.com simplifies the processes by offering online services. Since banks and organizations may be strict about you having a POA, you may wonder why they require it. The proof of address helps them establish your tax residency.

Tips When Getting Proof of Address

The following are the tips you can follow when presenting your proof of address;

Always Check the requirements of the Requesting Party

Before you take your POA with you for the opening of an account with a bank or organization, it is best to check what they require in advance. This way, you can prepare the right documents for the process. When you have the proper documents, you save time, money, and energy and the whole process becomes simpler.

Importantly such communication regarding the documents and requirements from the bank may be received by mail. Beware of any suspicious and unofficial messages and notifications.

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Prioritize Physical Documents

Some banks and organizations may not accept you sending online documents as your POA. Therefore, you can have the physical copies and preferably the originals.

Mention Your Name and Address

Whenever you carry your official documents that act as your POA, ensure they contain your name and address. Importantly, the name and address you provide should be similar. If you present proof of address in another name different from yours, the bank will not accept it.

Notarize your POA

Rather than sending your online documents to the bank as your POA, we recommend you notarize them instead. With technology, notarization can be done online in the comfort of your home.Some of the best online platforms where you can notarize your POA are notary24.com and apostille.ong.

What is a Proof of Address and Where Can You Get One
What is a Proof of Address and Where Can You Get One

Can You Open a Bank Account Without POA?

Having learned what proof of address is and why it is important when opening a bank, you may ask yourself, “Can I open a bank without a POA?” if you are in such a scenario, don’t panic. Yes, you can open a bank account without a POA. Remember, it can be for your business or even for conducting personal transactions.

Can You Get a Card Without a POA?

Cards have revolutionized the shopping experience. You can now enjoy the convenience and efficiency of paying for goods and services online. So, if want to join this payment method, you should have a POA. So, does this mean it is impossible to get a card without proof of address? Not exactly. You can enjoy the services of Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, Spotify, Shopify, and Uber among other favorites by getting a card from 45card.com. The beauty of the platform is that it offers virtual cards without a POA.

Get Your POA

At this point, you no doubt know the importance of a POA and why it is a necessity in most banks and organizations when you are opening a personal or business bank account with them. It acts as proof that you are telling the truth about your place of residence. However, if you do not have proof of address, worry no more. You can get one from localoffice24.com. Allow the bank to establish your tax residency by giving them your proof of address.

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